The soul of our brewery has always been about sustainable, responsible practices


The soul of our brewery has always been about sustainable, responsible practices, ever since the pre-Bozone era when owners Todd and Lisa embraced a DIY, off-the-grid lifestyle. Their self-sufficient approach to brewing beer brought with it a real-life understanding of the importance of conserving resources.

Today, that eco-conscious philosophy means our work is designed to have as little impact as possible on our environment. We love spending time outside as much as we love good beer, so in our eyes, a sustainable approach to brewing just makes sense.

EcoStar Award

Bozeman Brewing was recognized in 2019 & 2020 for sustainability efforts in our everyday brewing practices through an EcoStar Award from MSU Extension Services. To celebrate this highlight in our sustainability journey, we have created a special beer, EcoStar IPA.

Solar Power

Our 182-panel, 47.3KWh solar array provides 30% of the brewery’s annual power. Since installation in September 2015, it has generated 350MWh and offset 210 tons of CO2 emissions — that’s 31,000 gallons of gasoline.​

Water, Recycling, and Compost

Our brewery averages 4bbls. of water to produce 1 bbl. (31 gallons) of beer, much less than the industry average of 7 to 1. Our cardboard, aluminum, and plastic all get recycled. To divert compostable trash from the landfill waste stream we utilize a local composter, reducing waste in our tasting room by up to 95%. Our spent grain from brewhouse operations is donated to a local cattle ranch — lucky cows!

The Beauty of Aluminum

Our aluminum cans are better for the beer and the environment. Aluminum protects the beer from light and oxygen better than glass. Cans are lighter than glass, making them efficient to transport. Plus, aluminum is infinitely recyclable! Our six-pack carriers are 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, and a #2 recyclable.

Community Support

Our brewery has a long history of supporting local non-profits through donations and our Sunday FUNDay program.

Every year, we donate a portion of proceeds from our Gallatin Pale Ale to the Greater Gallatin Watershed Council, helping protect and care for our local brewing and recreating waters. Pick up a pint or a few cans for your next adventure in the Gallatin Watershed — enjoy a fresh brew while supporting watershed stewardship!


Cold Air Recapture

Decreasing our refrigeration energy consumption by up to 50%, our cooler’s Freeaire recapture system utilizes the cold ambient air and cool temperatures common to Montana.


As an ongoing project, we continue to upgrade our lighting throughout the plant to energy-efficient LED.