Bozeman Brewing Company Team

Todd Scott

Founder/Owner – Founded Bozeman Brewing Co. in October 2000, began beer production August 2001, hired first employee August 2005. Professionally Brewer since April 1989.
Unofficial title: Check-Signer, Maintenance Man

  • Favorite part of the job: The people; employees as well as the patrons. People do not complain about good beer. He loves trying to problem-solve challenges, and he loves the team.

  • Personal motto: Work hard to play hard (or) It’s all about the beer.

  • How his brewery coworkers would describe him: Old man, Lacking a filter, In the Way.

  • What we love about him: Nobody compliments the boss.

  • Hidden talents: None he can share in a family-friendly context.

  • Favorite beer: Pinhead Pils, Gallatin Pale Ale, and “Whatever you’re buyin’ me”.

  • Non-beer beta on Todd: A wonderful wife, Lisa, two adorable chitlins, Morgan and Reed, two dogs, Molly the Corgi and Ozzy the Griffon and Sylvester the cat. Hobbies are typical Montana stuff; biking, skiing, canoeing, hiking, hunting, and working.

Lisa Danzl-Scott

Unofficial title: Swamp Girl, Buzzkill, The Shorter Side of Todd

  • Favorite part of the job: Her morning motivation to come to work starts with a whiskered dog nose in the face to go for a run, and knowing Dan-O is making the morning coffee at the brewery. And Lisa loves being part of the Bozone team.
  • Personal motto: As her Pops would say, “Gotta have a little fun every day”
  • What we love about her: Lisa knows how to shut down the canning line 🙂 (long story, she says… better ask her over a pint sometime)
  • Three words her brewery coworkers would use to describe her:  Short, shorter, shortest
  • Hidden talents: The art of hammering on metal
  • Favorite beer: Gallatin Pale Ale, always… unless the Berliner or Funky Virtue are on tap
  • Non-beer beta on Lisa: Together with her wonderful husband, co-owner, and taller side, Todd, Lisa has two great kids, Morgan & Reedy; two dogs, Ozzy & Molly, plus Sylvester the Cat; she loves crafty hobbies, and might be too crafty for her own good…


Head Brewer, 17 years with Bozone
Unofficial title: Water Enhancement Specialist

  • Favorite part of the job: The people he works with, and the creativity, flexibility, and freedom of the work.

  • Personal motto: Always Seek the Gold Standard 😉

  • How his brewery coworkers would describe him:  Obnoxious Boston guy

  • What we love about him: The beer he brews, especially Hopzone.

  • Hidden talents: He’s a pretty good cook!

  • Favorite beer: Pinhead Pilsner. His desert island beer pick, for sure.

  • Non-beer beta on Bill: Bill loves music and playing the guitar.


Brewer and Cellarman, 9 years with Bozone
Unofficial title: Head Barrel Wrangler

  • Favorite part of the job: Making unique sour and barrel-aged beers that you can’t usually find in Montana.

  • Personal motto: N/A (he’s a real team player and personal mottos get in the way.)

  • How his brewery coworkers would describe him: Detail oriented.

  • What we love about him: His sours and barrel-aged beers.

  • Hidden talents: Playing guitar and mandolin.

  • Favorite beer: Depends on the day; could be Pinhead Pilsner or one of our Vieux Bois Lambic-style beers.

  • Non-beer beta on Beal: He loves getting outdoors to mountain bike, hike, and camp.


Sales representative, 6 years with Bozone
Unofficial title: He still works here?

  • Favorite part of the job: Spreading the good word of beer; sharing knowledge about beer is satisfying to the part of Mark who loves to teach.
  • Personal motto: We can do that.
  • How his brewery coworkers would describe him: scrawny little runt.
  • What we love about him: Mark’s a nice person who helps people out wherever he can.
  • Hidden talents: Falling asleep in a moving vehicle (unfortunate, considering his job as a travelling sales rep.)
  • Favorite beer: A tasty beer at the right time and right place.
  • Non-beer beta on Mark: Mark’s loves his awesome wife Jenny, who makes his life infinitely better.



Lead Bartender and Merchandise Manager, 9 years with Bozone
Unofficial title: Best beertender this side of the Mississippi

  • Favorite part of the job: Sharing delicious beer with so many great people.
  • Personal motto: Yes! Let’s do it!
  • How her brewery coworkers would describe her: Depending who you talk to: Kind, hard-working, demon-like.
  • What we love about her: Her ability to hold down the fort with a consistently great attitude. And her earrings.
  • Hidden talents: Kristen has a solid yoga practice that she has been developing over the past 10+ years.
  • Favorite beer: EcoStar. And allllll the goses.
  • Non-beer beta on Kristen: When not slingin’ beers, you can find Kristen running and skiing in the mountains with her husband and their crazy dog. She also loves cooking good food to share with family and friends.


Cellarman, 2 years with Bozone
Unofficial title: Can Whisperer

  • Favorite part of the job: Making beer is a team effort. Ty takes pride in collaborating with everyone to make our beer great.
  • Personal motto: What if we tried….X?
  • How his brewery coworkers would describe him: A tall drink of water….Err, beer I guess.
  • What we love about him: His versatility and willingness to step in anywhere around the brewery, his wife and pup Porter are pretty great too.
  • Hidden talents: Loves playing guitar and can ride a unicycle. Just not at the same time.
  • Favorite beer: Jalapeno Pinhead Pilsner
  • Non-beer beta on Ty: He loves doing anything outdoors with his wife and their pup. There’s always somewhere in Montana to ride bikes, fish, or ski.