VIEUX BOIS Lambic Inspired w/Apricot 2023

Bozeman Underground

Style: Lambic Inspired

This Lambic inspired ale was fermented and aged in French and American oak barrels deep in the belly of the Bozeman Underground.  Over a period of 48 months a blend of wild yeast and bacteria created a complex flavor profile that is tart and funky.  During the final months of aging, apricot was added to each barrel and allowed to re-ferment, lending its delicate fruit flavor to the beer, thus creating a delicate balance of bright fruit sweetness and refreshing tartness.

Serving Suggestion: 13 oz. Belgian Tulip


ABV 5.2%
 Starting Gravity 11.5° Plato
Finishing Gravity 1.8° Plato
 pH 3.25
TA 18