VIEUX BOIS 3 Year Blend #1 Gueuze Inspired 2019

Bozeman Underground

Style: Gueuze Inspired

This Gueuze inspired ale was fermented and aged in French and American Oak barrels in the depths of the Bozeman Underground. This blend was formulated shortly after one of our favorite barrels turned 3 years old which allowed us to follow the classic practice of blending 3, 2, and 1 year old beers. The result is a truly unique, aggressively tart, and funky beer with layer upon layer of flavor to explore.

Serving Suggestion: 13 oz. Belgian Tulip


ABV 5%
 Starting Gravity 12.1° Plato
Finishing Gravity 3.0° Plato
 pH 3.2
TA 13