Metamorphic Flanders Style Red Ale w/ Cherries 2019

Bozeman Underground

Style: Sour Ale

Rich malts, tart cherry, brettanomyces and a sharp tartness all come together in this version of our Flanders Red ale. This blend of barrels was aged in the Bozeman Underground for an average 39 months in French and American oak. Tart cherries were added late in the process to help maintain a rich fruity character that pairs perfectly with the delightful sourness found in a traditional Flanders Style Red Ale.

Serving Suggestion: 13 oz. Belgian Tulip


ABV 7.7%
IBU 11
 Starting Gravity 13.8° Plato
Finishing Gravity 1.9° Plato
 pH 3.6
TA 10