Mango Con Chile 2020

Bozeman Underground

Style: Sour Ale

Have you ever tasted a fresh mango dusted with Tajin seasoning? Even if you haven’t this beer is a great way to have the same flavor experience. We start with a traditional 50% wheat, 50% barley malt base and do a quick souring with lactobacillus. This is followed by a traditional fermentation with brewers yeast and then dosed with a generous amount of mango and a blend of arbol, guajillo, and habanero chilies. The end result is the perfect blend of heat, sweet and sour.

Serving Suggestion: 16 oz. Pint


ABV 5.6%
 Starting Gravity 12.6° Plato
Finishing Gravity 2.8° Plato
 pH 3.27
TA ?