Andsoit Gose Mango Cardamom 2023

Bozeman Underground

Style: Sour Ale

A quick sour brewed in the Gose tradition with a subtle twist inspired by the delicious Indian drink, mango lassi! This version gets a dose of freshly ground cardamom, Himalayan pink salt and a small amount of Hallertau hops. A large dose of beautiful, fragrant mango was added at the end of fermentation to lend a vibrant orange color and delightful tropical sweetness. The end result is an effervescent, refreshing beer perfect for the summer.

Serving Suggestion: 16 oz. Pint


ABV 5.6%
 Starting Gravity 13.7° Plato
Finishing Gravity 3.6° Plato
 pH 3.3
TA 11