Maverick, Seasonal (July/August)

Style: Session IPA

Send your taste buds on a tropical vacation with this summer session IPA. The Abbreviated ABV of this brew allows you to enjoy the long days of summer, while still featuring plenty of tropical hop goodness. Bright fruity notes of mango, melon, and grapefruit are on your horizon, so lower your ABV without lowering your expectations.


ABV 4.5%
IBU 67
Starting Gravity
10.5° Plato
Finishing Gravity
2.7° Plato

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About Us

Bozeman Brewing Company, fondly known as The Bozone, is Gallatin Valley’s oldest operating craft brewery. Founded in 2001 on the edge of the town’s historic Brewery District, our tap room serves a robust list of seasonal ales, lagers, and sour brews.


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