Limited (June/July)

Style: Maibock Lager

2018 NABA Gold Medal Winner
2013 NABA Bronze Medal

This classic Maibock is brewed to celebrate the beginning of spring and the re-awakening of our 182 solar panels. We used American and European ingredients to create this super brew that is light in color, rich and malty flavor with enough hops to create balance. This solar powered lager has quite the kick. Cheers!

Pair With: Spicy food like Thai or Korean barbecue; great with fried chicken too! Cheese: Classic Emmenthal Swiss. Dessert: Apple Almond Strudel, white chocolate cheesecake, honey-walnut soufflé.


ABV 7.3%
IBU 30
 Starting Gravity
16.5° Plato
 Finishing Gravity
3.8° Plato