Vieux Bois Lambic Inspired w/Raspberry and Cherry
Vieux Bois Lambic Inspired w/Raspberry and Cherry

ABV 5.1% IBU’s 5 Starting Gravity 12.3° Plato Finishing Gravity 3.0° Plato pH 3.32 TA 14.48

Vieux Bois Lambic Inspired w/Raspberry and Cherry

Vieux Bois (translation: Old Wood) Lambic Style has spent its entire life in wood, starting out with primary fermentation in a mix of French and American Oak barrels and then aged for 28 months. A secondary fermentation then occurs for 4 months with raspberries and tart cherries. A simple malt bill of pale and wheat with just a touch of noble hops provides the base for this beer, but the true character comes from the blend of yeast and bacteria. Brettanomyces, lactobacillus, pediococcus, and a sherry strain are used to replicate the profile of the Lambic beers that have been made in the Brussels region of Belgium for hundreds of years.   Over time the Brett and bacteria transformed this brew into a slightly funky, tart, fruity beer. There is also no denying this beer spent a long time in oak, which subtly comes through in the finished product. In the end it all comes together for a complex and truly unique beer.
Style:Lambic Inspired

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