Barrel Aged Saddle Peak Saison
Barrel Aged Saddle Peak Saison

ABV 6% IBU’s 30 Starting Gravity 12.6° Plato Finishing Gravity 1.6° Plato  

Barrel Aged Saddle Peak Saison

A rather elusive style, Saison more so represents a family of beers rather than a specific type of beer. Originally brewed in southern Belgium, these farmhouse ales varied greatly from brewery to brewery but shared the characteristics of being refreshing and light with a hint of bitterness to quench the thirst of farm workers or “les saisonniers” after a hard day’s labor. This interpretation of the saison style was brewed at the end of harvest season and aged in cabernet sauvignon barrels for the last 7 months. Hints of spice, citrus and oak furnish the light malt body while a rich yet dry mouthfeel conclude every sip leaving you feeling satisfied and refreshed.
Style:Saison/Farmhouse Ale

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Barrel Aged Saddle Peak Saison


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